We are performing the most preferred brands for applications requiring high precision, torque and strength such as spindle drive applications of CNC machine tools, ALPHA αi-B, BETA βi-B series repair maintenance and repairs of all old and new models of FANUC spindle motors. Thanks to our technical staff and advanced technical capabilities, we are processing fast, economical and in high quality.

The tests and measurements of FANUC servo motors’ encoders, resolvers and various devices, motor stator windings, temperature control elements such as ptc, ntc, kty84 are performed in our company precisely.

In addition, all mechanical problems of FANUC servo motors, such as motor front and back cover bearing, rotor shaft bearing, shaft replacement are solving within our own structure thanks to our advanced workshop technical team staff.

Our company provides a 1-year material and workmanship warranty for all servo motors that we have done repair and maintenance.